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Facilitating Strategic Innovation

Our project engagement leverages: Innovation Facilitation, Research & Knowledge Development and Strategic Consulting. These elements work together as integral components in building insights and perspectives for scaling sustainable innovations.

Our objectives often extend beyond the project and engagement – building a pool of knowledge available to the sector on an ongoing basis. Alchemize™, the acceleration programme and Alchemix™, the open knowledge sessions are specifically working towards these objectives. We develop and employ a range of tools, processes and methodologies for each specific project engagement. These help us develop a repository of knowledge to apply innovation in result-oriented challenges.

A consulting and advisory services firm based in Bangalore, India, we apply innovation thinking to problems of business growth; scalable social impact; sustainableprofitabilityleadership transformation and knowledge exchange.

Our team helps facilitate intelligent, accelerated growth for innovative projects and provides customized capacity building interventions. Our engagements have been with corporate organizations, entrepreneurs, civil society organizations, international funding agencies and government agencies involved in scaling high-impact ideas.

Our team has access to research-based insights through consulting engagements and acceleration of projects/enterprises to scale using an innovation process; which are shared across our collaborative blogs and workshops.

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Our Team

Parvathi Menon
Managing Director

  • Managing Director
  • Parvathi has a Masters in Communication

Lt.General Girish (Retd.)
Executive Director & Chief Mentor

  • Executive Director & Chief Mentor

Gautam Shivaswamy
Project Manager

  • Project Manager
  • Managing various on-going projects amongst

Research & Content Writer

  • Research & Content Writer
  • Shanmugathammal has a Masters in Electronics

Tanya Jairaj
Project Manager

  • Project Manager
  • Tanya began her career as a lawyer, litigating

Vincent Daniel

  • Associate
  • Vincent Daniel has Bachelors in Telecommunications

Mukta Naik
Admin & Finance

  • Admin & Finance
  • Themeforest
  • Mukta Naik has a Masters in Commerce from

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