What we offer

Our work is based on a core innovation acceleration methodology called Alchemize developed by our team, designed to help leaders and teams apply themselves to achieving breakthrough outcomes.
This methodology:

  • Builds the core team’s capacity to apply a systematic approach to identifying innovation opportunities, going beyond enthusiasm, to insight and knowledge; transforming opportunities into applicable, tangible ideas
  • Builds the core team’s capacity to use Innovation tools, frameworks and methodologies in solving issues and blocks of social impact. We works with a core team inside the organisation NOT just the primary leader
  • Helps identify the core blocks to scaling the impact of an idea and finding ways to create breakthroughs in those, enabling faster deeper impact
  • Demonstrating the potential of the ideas through rapid prototyping, in a manner that the Board, Senior Management, Funders and Investors see the potential of supporting it further with time and funds


Innovation Alchemy focuses its effort on the ‘growth phase’ of an idea or a social impact model to accelerate its impact. We will be happy to develop a customised innovation facilitation plan for your organisation, and bring in an experienced group of practitioners and facilitators to support your work. We believe that scale is not about the size of the organisation – but instead the size of impact; and it should be noted that the most successful social enterprise initiatives take anywhere between 7-10 years from initial launch to some level of scaled impact and hence the projects are still in their infancy 2-3 year after inception.

Reach us for a brainstorming discussion if you are involved with projects that have been on the ground for 2-3 years, have demonstrated some amount of workability and impact and are now keen to innovate and increase the scale of impact.

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