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The Large-scale Impact of Small-scale Financing Innovation on the Healthcare in India

Healthcare is BIG business, and as costs skyrocket worldwide, many are being left behind. While current healthcare spending in India exceeds Rs. 5 lakh crore, according to estimates by Technopak Healthcare, healthcare spending in India is due to reach $323 billion in 2023.  Indian’s pay on average 60% to 70% of healthcare costs out of pocket andthe insurance market is growing steadily, revenue from insurance premiums in India still only amounts to about Rs. 15,000 crore. Though healthcare costs in India pale in comparison to

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The Beauty of Inclusion, How Access to Finance is Changing the Landscape for Low-Income Entrepreneurs in India

Withdraw cash from an ATM, buy a bus ticket online, make a loan repayment at the bank. These are the seemingly mundane faces of financial inclusion, yet 2.5 billion people globally don’t even have a safe place to save money. Three quarters of the world’s poor don’t have a bank account, have no credit history, and aren’t eligible for any type of loan or financial assistance. In India alone 41% of the population is unbanked according to the Reserve Bank of India; in rural areas

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