Accion: Dialogue on Business – Acceleration Program 2013



Accion’s objective is to train Rural and Semi Urban women entrepreneurs in India to manage business of their own through their training model “Dialogue on Business Program” that uses interactive games and role-playing to help micro entrepreneurs solve real-life business challenges.

Accion India was registered in 2006 as a Section 25 Company. It currently has a strength of 17 staff members and trainers who work in the space of Livelihood and Education.


Dialogue on business program has benefitted more than 35,000 entrepreneurs in different states since inception in India. Accion does its impact measure around four aspects i.e. change in skills, business activities, product and Income. The following statistics were derived over the years:


55% were able to manage money better and 40% were able to understand and maintain financial records.ACCION-1


30% increased their sales, 25% increased their days of engagement in business and 25% expanded their business and added other product lines


20% improved the quality of the product and 15% introduced grading, packaging & labeling


40% showed increased income, 35% started savings and 25% invested back their savings in business


Accion currently operates in Karnataka, Gujarat, Kerala and Tamil Nadu


Over the next 3 Years Accion targets to reach 100,000 entrepreneurs. Impact of the program in long term will be on social indicators which has been her/his status in society enhanced due to her/his management of the business, decision making power in the family will increase besides her overall empowerment and social status in the community is tangible


Dr. Usha Gopinath heads Client Education programs in Asia for Accion. She has over 15 years of development experience spanning over projects with multilateral and bi-lateral organisations. She has extensively worked on water sanitation, gender related, education, health and entrepreneurial education for the World Bank, DFID, AUSAID, OXFAM in the capacity of leading a team of experts for benefit monitoring and evaluation of most development projects.

At Accion she has been instrumental in building the scope for two key non-financial components such as financial literacy and entrepreneurial training. She was responsible for building the team, developing partnerships for implementing the program using the Accion methodology.

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