Mentoring & Facilitation for Innovation

Mentoring & Facilitation for Innovation

Our team has developed a hands-on methodology that includes specialized set of tools, frameworks and processes designed to scale and enhance impact of an innovative model called Alchemize.  The methodology is designed for leaders to apply innovation to scale the impact of their ideas, beyond organizational constraints.

Innovation Alchemy has mentored several entrepreneurs and innovators in developing a sustainable, scalable business model while facilitating innovation to provide solution to their challenges.

Read more on our projects based on Alchemize methodology:



Innovation Competitions Assessment & Evaluations

Our team has developed expertise in designing an innovation assessment process and implementing a series of strategic,…

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Innovation & Knowledge Exchange

Our team has developed a unique, technology-enabled methodology for large-scale innovation exchange and knowledge development,  View details

Diagnosis & Assessment of Innovation Blocks

Innovation Alchemy identifies and counteracts bottlenecks in the growth of social enterprises. We assist social enterprises to obtain sanctions, certifications,…

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