Why we do what we do

Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them” ~ Albert Einstein
Transformation begins by adopting a fresh mindset, being open to new approaches of doing things and using innovation as a strategic tool to solve business, social and environmental challenges.
New ideas are always energising, and the early stages of innovation are exciting and exhilarating. However, teams that do sustained work on innovative products and services often find themselves in a long cycle of struggle after some early quick wins. We believe that successful innovation is a journey of getting your product and service to the people who will need it the most, and in the most cost effective, environmentally sustainable manner possible. As innovation teams work to align product, service, business model, working capital, supply chain and customers, the complexities increase manifold and the team often loses energy. In emerging markets like India, South Asia and Africa, these challenges can be even more pronounced.
At Innovation Alchemy we believe that staying on the innovation journey involves three key elements. An innovation mindset, an energising process focused on insights, and the use of disruptive tools to break old patterns of solution thinking. 
We have woven these three elements into a methodology called Alchemize that has evolved and sharpened over the last ten years of working closely with leaders from corporate foundations, social enterprises, Government departments and civil society agencies. The methodology helps leaders and teams to diagnose innovation challenges, seek disruptive and radical insights, facilitate teams to convert insights into actionable ideas and implement several layers of prototypes to build workable solutions.
Our facilitators work as a part of the team, enabling team members to progress on a sustained innovation journey. We bring in our core methodology and combine that with coaching, capacity building, a panel of practitioner mentors, tools and frameworks to help the enterprise leader and team stay focused and energised towards achieving innovation outcomes.
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Lead Facilitators

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