Safe Harvest Private Limited

  • Category: Alchemize, Innovation Facilitation

Safe Harvest promotes Non Pesticide Management (NPM) agriculture. It encourages a sustainable farming system that is most appropriate for small and marginal farmers to ensure continued productivity and quality of produce. They are neither organic nor commodity-based food products. The Zero labeled certification for Safe Harvest’s NPM products indicates that no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, GM seeds and artificial ripening agents and additives were used during cultivation, storage and transportation. The challenge is to create a suitable market niche for its NPM food products by changing the consumer’s buying behavior.

Innovation Alchemy worked along with Safe Harvest to increase their revenue from non-pesticide managed (NPM) food produce from a topline of 1crore in 2013-2014 to 27 crore in 2015-2016. We supported to strategically develop both retail and distribution channels as well as partnerships with farmer cooperatives across India. Our plan of action included identifying insights that will lead to adoption of NPM products; working with appropriate governmental bodies to obtain certification for ZERO label; generating working capital for procurement; continuing to build the supply chain and developing a brand identity for Safe Harvest and its NPM products.

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