Fractal Microspin

  • Category: Alchemize, Innovation Facilitation

Value-chain integration has a proven track record for profitability and sustainability, especially in the cotton and textile industry. Microspin and its technology innovation have paved way to setting up small-scale, modular spinning mills to covert cotton to yarn at remote locations closer to cotton fields. It helps integrate the spinning units with the existing scales of production in the dyeing, sizing, warping and weaving segments of the value-chain – making for an efficient and lean production chain.

Innovation Alchemy employed its Alchemize methodology to help commercialize a scalable and sustainable business model that creates value for the entire ecosystem of cotton growing farmers, weavers and artisans. During our engagement with Microspin in the last 2 years, we’ve developed a full scale commercial pilot, a large lead of fresh orders and a business model linking the value chain from farm to fabric. The model facilitates yarn production to be located closer to the cotton fields, reducing the cost of operations, thereby enhancing earning potential for both, farmers and weavers. Microspin has also received NSDC funding for this project as it has a direct impact on generating livelihood opportunities.

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