Eram Scientific Solutions

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In the current scenario, there is a growing need for efficient public sanitation solutions especially for urban Indian population. Eram Scientific Solutions is an R&D focused social enterprise in the public sanitation sector in India. Electronic public toilet (eToilet) is a design innovation developed by Eram Scientific aimed at providing a viable alternative to current pay per use public sanitation model in urban India. The biggest challenged faced by the innovation is in identifying appropriate buyers for eToilet and promoting its adoption amongst the public through a sustainable and cost-effective model.

Innovation Alchemy through its engagement with Eram is working towards increasing the sales from its initial goal of 400 new toilet installations to 18,200 eToilets by 2015-2016. Our plan of action includes targeting specific locations such as highways, petrol bunks, schoold, urban parks, shopping malls and tourist spots with high public footfalls. Also, we’re also focusing on private corporate buyers and their CSR funding as part of our initiative. IA is involved in creating behavior change strategies for eToilet adoption, highlighting challenges in the product design along with developing entrepreneur model to accelerate sales and revenue generation.

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