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Gautam Shivaswamy

Project Manager

Managing various on-going projects amongst Innovation Alchemy’s acceleration portfolio specifically focusing on ‘for – profit’ ventures. Specifically worked with portfolio teams in agri-produce & processing, public sanitation and urban livelihoods. Development of financial models and revenue/growth projections for various client teams with funding requirements, specifically focused on helping innovative social enterprises seek funding from institutional and bank sources.

Stake holder management across client teams to ensure on time responses of key deliverables from Innovation Alchemy; management of interdependencies between teams to ensure timelines are managed and met. Excel modeling of tools used during assessment process including development of assessment rubrics & evaluation algorithms that can convert qualitative feedback from assessors into more quantitative data.

Carrying out extensive research on critical input areas to meet the client requirements, including finance options, business model feasibility, new business development and market studies to ascertain viability and feasibility of projects & pilots initiated on the ground. Leading the feasibility study and development of financial projections and business models for an Agriculture venture being incubated under Innovation Alchemy.

Parvathi Menon
Managing Director

  • Managing Director
  • Parvathi has a Masters in Communication

Lt.General Girish (Retd.)
Executive Director & Chief Mentor

  • Executive Director & Chief Mentor

Gautam Shivaswamy
Project Manager

  • Project Manager
  • Managing various on-going projects amongst

Research & Content Writer

  • Research & Content Writer
  • Shanmugathammal has a Masters in Electronics

Tanya Jairaj
Project Manager

  • Project Manager
  • Tanya began her career as a lawyer, litigating

Vincent Daniel

  • Associate
  • Vincent Daniel has Bachelors in Telecommunications

Mukta Naik
Admin & Finance

  • Admin & Finance
  • Themeforest
  • Mukta Naik has a Masters in Commerce from

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