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Frugal Innovation Enhancing Healthcare Access in India

As an exponentially growing population with an increasing life expectancy strains the medical care system worldwide, healthcare emerges as a major area of innovation. This is most prominent in emerging markets like India, were the cost of healthcare is as important a factor as the quality of the product or service being provided. As a result, India has become a hub for frugal healthcare innovation, demonstrating what is possible in a resource strapped environment struggling with the natural constraints of development. The healthcare system in India

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Gathering Insights with MIF Teams

On Thursday October 17th, recipients of Marico Innovation Foundation’s ‘s 2013 Social Innovation Awards from all over India descended on Bangalore for an action-packed, two-day intensive insight seeking workshop.  As part of a two-year acceleration engagement, the 11 social impact ventures design a “Deep Dive Study” to seek user insight to find innovation levers to scale their impact.  Planning a “Deep Dive Study” requires the teams to identify new geographies, new potential consumers, or new products and immerse themselves into these areas.  This process can be

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Maximizing Impact in Education, Employability & Livelihoods: Insights from Alchemix™ Session 7

On Thursday September 19th, Innovation Alchemy, in conjunction with Mahindra Spark the Rise and with research and outreach support from the Center for Education Innovation (CEI), and Unitus Seed Fund, hosted the 7th installment of the Alchemix™ series.  The session, exploring innovations in education, employability and livelihoods, brought together more than a hundred innovators and entrepreneurs at the TERI South Regional Centre in Bangalore to engage with our passionate practitioner speakers and share learnings and insights on issues ranging from sparking creativity in children, to

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Missed the #Alchemix? Here is a Storify Compilation of the Tweets from Session 7!

[View the story “Alchemix Session 7: Seeking Innovation Insights from Practitioners working in Education, Employability & Livelihoods” on Storify]

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Alchemix™ 7: Innovations in Education, Employability & Access to Livelihoods

The upcoming Alchemix™ session with explore effective innovations in education, employability, and access to livelihoods in India.  The event will be held on Thursday September 19th from 4:30—7:30 at TERI South Regional Center in Bangalore.  If you’re not in Bangalore, you can still join us via livestream and Twitter chat.  Register here for complete details. To share their insights and trigger a discussion, we have invited four insightful practitioners working in this space.  Additionally our research partner, Center for Education Innovation (CEI) will be presenting

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