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Applying Innovation for Real Impact

Going beyond concepts, training and advise, we get involved with the teams at a deep level, facilitating, enabling and taking on co-ownership for demonstrating the impact of ideas. Especially with teams engaged in pursuing aggressive growth agendas, looking to challenge existing norms and create new, unique solutions.

The alchemy of innovation requires a combination of research, new insights, on-ground implementation and continuous knowledge creation. Our work is a combination of three core areas of strength:

Consulting based on Research & Insights

For organizations involved in creating business and development impact. We apply Innovation principles in seeking insights that help provide consulting strength; and facilitate the creation of strategy and implementation plans to achieve discontinuous results. Read more about our Consulting and Research work with the IFC South Asia, Villgro, FEM Sustainable Social Solutions and the World Bank

“Innovation Alchemy has a strategic as well as a highly granular understanding of the Social Enterprise Sector in India thus enabling WB DM team to translate its high level development objectives into an executable, relevant and effective competitive grants program in India. IA Leadership has the right combination of passion, ethics, integrity, strategic insights, tactical flexibility and a “can do” attitude. For us this is the core and extremely valuable pre-condition for collaboration. IA Leadership and team make long-term human capital and infrastructure investments in order to understand the structure and dynamics of SEs in India.”

Arvind Gupta, Lead Finance Specialist

Program Leader Development Marketplace, World Bank Institute

“Unlike some of the larger players Innovation Alchemy offers strategy consulting combined with a lot of on-the-ground-experience.”

Martin Vogelsang, General Manager, FEM S3, India

Innovation Acceleration (Alchemize™)

By applying innovation thinking to scale a specific value proposition or venture. This is based on identifying insights and new ‘levers’ for scale. Through our work with more than a dozen social enterprises since 2009, Innovation Alchemy has developed AlchemizeTM, an acceleration programme that will focus on the ‘growth phase’ of an idea or a model. The special energy of the AlchemizeTM process is to apply innovation thinking to theEnterprise‘ and not just work with the entrepeneur, with an aim to introduce speed, scale and sustainability into the business initiative, government programme or social enterprise model.

Find out more about how we have facilitated acceleration with teams at Waste Wise, Yuva Parivartan, Dream-a-Dream, Deshpande Foundation.

“We understood ‘innovation’ per se, transcended its frame work of ‘newness’ to ‘creative challenges that take advantage of opportunities’. We learned to set in motion a business of social enterprise in truly profitable terms. We became aware of the favorable time for social entrepreneurs with a conducive demography and supportive ecosystems.  At this juncture, we are aspiring to set our foot print of passion and commitment, to ensure penetration level in every sector of human endeavor. To be specific, the incubation period defined the value of scale in our operation.  From our current operation of 5 tons per day, to 100 tons per day or 1000 t/p/d, we buoyed over the notion of scaling and how it happens, current impact vs potential impact and uniqueness of crafting a change.   The creative exercise which is the hallmark of every session with Innovation Alchemy…”

Anselm Rosario, Founder, Waste Wise Trust

Building a Community of Innovation Practice

The third and very critical gear of the Innovation Alchemy approach. This brings together our research, learning and the amazing pool of people we have the opportunity to engage with in a collaborative mix. Alchemix™ has been crafted as a very active community of Innovation Practitioners who engage to learn and share. Alchemix sessions are a series of open forum discussions between innovators, entrepreneurs, creative minds, designers, engaged citizens and investors. The sessions bring together the community every couple of months to debate, discuss, learn and apply. Each session is for around two hours and focuses on a particular aspect/ domain of applied Innovation.

Read more about the Alchemix session on innovative market based ideas in urban sanitation and waste management.

Read more about the Practitioners Sessions curated for the Marico Innovation Foundation.

Watch a brief video excerpt of the 3rd Alchemix Session focused on Healthcare ideas and what brings the community together for these sessions. Also read a blog post on the healthcare session.

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