Facilitating leaders and teams to apply an innovation mindset and leverage appropriate tools and frameworks to help accelerate the impact of their breakthrough ideas..

As a consulting and advisory practice we work with leaders to diagnose the challenges that impede the growth of innovative products and services, especially in the context of emerging markets. Our experienced innovation facilitators help teams unlock fresh insights in their business context, and apply innovation thinking to the opportunities of scalable social impact, business growth and sustainable profitability..

We design customised innovation programs, capacity building workshops and outcome based interventions. Our team leverages an experienced panel of consultants, facilitators and practitioners to work closely with leaders & teams in their innovation context.

With a focus on emerging markets across India, South Asia and Africa, we support social businesses, entrepreneurs, innovators, corporates, Government departments and civil society organisations that are involved in scaling high-impact ideas.

  • Innovation Alchemy was the Program Design & Knowledge Capture Partner for Bloomberg Philanthropies who support Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) , Government of India on its ambitious Smart Cities Challenge. It’s a nation-wide competition amongst Indian states conducted by MoUD. Each aspirant city has to formulate its own concept, vision, strategy and plan that are appropriate to its local context, resources and levels of ambition.

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  • Innovation Alchemy was the India delivery lead for Connect to Grow, a UK Aid supported platform to facilitate innovative and entrepreneurial partnerships in agriculture and healthcare between organizations in India, Africa and South Asia. The programme is designed to deliver measurable development impact by using a demand-led approach to create scalable partnerships, which diffuse proven innovation from India to developing countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

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  • Innovation Alchemy was involved in designing the process and implementation of World Bank India Development Marketplace in 2011, 2013 and 2014. Its a multi-state competition for innovative social enterprises across India. We facilitated them to apply for and win grant funding and to scale-up support provided by the DM programme.

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Constructive Conflict Drives Innovation

The new workplace is an amalgamation of diversity, global timezones, multi cultural teams and disaggregated working locations. One would imagine that this would lead to innovation naturally, but counter intuitively it leads to a higher safe keeping mindset, slowing down innovation outcomes. How do organisations trigger effective collaboration and innovation in this context?

Innovation in India: Getting more, from less, for more

This blog was originally posted in The Practitioner Hub by Parvathi Menon. I am just returning back from an exciting set of conversations with innovators and entrepreneurs from several African countries who participated at the SEED Symposium in Nairobi.

Alchemize™: A catalytic methodology to trigger scale

Alchemize™ is an acceleration methodology designed and developed by the team at Innovation Alchemy. The approach is focused towards applying innovation thinking in a Social Enterprise context that is seeking to scale the impact of its work.

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