A consulting and advisory services firm based in Bangalore, India. We apply innovation thinking to problems of business growth; scalable social impact; sustainable profitabilityleadership transformation and knowledge exchange.

Our team helps facilitate intelligent, accelerated growth for innovative projects and provides customized capacity building interventions. Our engagements have been with corporate organizations, entrepreneurs, civil society organizations, international funding agencies and government agencies involved in scaling high-impact ideas.

Our project engagement leverages: Innovation Facilitation, Research & Knowledge Development and Strategic Consulting. These elements work together as integral components in building insights and perspectives for scaling sustainable innovations.

Our objectives often extend beyond the project and engagement – building a pool of knowledge available to the sector on an ongoing basis. Alchemize™, the acceleration programme and Alchemix™, the open knowledge sessions are specifically working towards these objectives.

We develop and employ a range of tools, processes and methodologies for each specific project engagement. These help us develop a repository of knowledge to apply innovation in result-oriented challenges.

We leverage an experienced core team and a rich panel of advisors, mentors and practitioners within the context of strategic assignments across the world.

Our Services

Mentoring & Facilitation for Innovation

Our team has developed a hands-on methodology that includes specialized

Innovation Competitions Assessment & Evaluations

Our team has developed expertise in designing an innovation assessment

Innovation & Knowledge Exchange

Our team has developed a unique, technology-enabled methodology for

Diagnosis & Assessment of Innovation Blocks

Innovation Alchemy identifies and counteracts bottlenecks in the growth of social enterprises. We

Capacity Building Workshops

Innovation Alchemy as advisor and implementation collaborator in capacity building We closely work with

  • Innovation Alchemy is the Program Design & Knowledge Capture Partner for Bloomberg Philanthropies who support Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) , Government of India on its ambitious Smart Cities Challenge. It’s a nation-wide competition amongst Indian states conducted by MoUD. Each aspirant city has to formulate its own concept, vision, strategy and plan that are appropriate to its local context, resources and levels of ambition.

    Smart Cities Challenge /
  • Innovation Alchemy is the India delivery lead for Connect to Grow. It’s a UK Aid supported platform to facilitate innovative and entrepreneurial partnerships in agriculture and healthcare between organizations in India, Africa and South Asia. The programme is designed to deliver measurable development impact by using a demand-led approach to create scalable partnerships, which diffuse proven innovation from India to developing countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

    Connect to Grow /
  • Innovation Alchemy was involved in designing the process and implementation of World Bank India Development Marketplace in 2011, 2013 and 2014. Its a multi-state competition for innovative social enterprises across India. We facilitated them to apply for and win grant funding and to scale-up support provided by the DM programme.

    World Bank DM /

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