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Innovation consulting and advisory services for Small Businesses, Social Enterprises, CSR Foundations and Government Agencies seeking to find breakthroughs to scale impact.

Innovation Alchemy, is a collaboration-consulting firm based in Bangalore, India, applying innovation thinking to problems of business growth, scalable social impact and sustainable profitability. We engage across corporate organizations, civil society organizations and government agencies involved in scaling high-impact ideas and help facilitate accelerated growth of the projects & models. Innovation is a key ingredient of our approach.

Our work involves three core areas of strength: Consulting & Research Insights; Innovation Acceleration; and Community Curation. These areas are interrelated in the context of our work and help us build insights and perspectives on an ongoing basis. These insights are accessible via consulting engagements and the acceleration of projects/ enterprises using an innovation process; and are also accessible via our collaborative Blogs and workshops.

Through our work on-ground with teams, leaders and organizations, we also aim to continuously build knowledge, tools and frameworks that evolve from real implementation and innovation action. The idea is to share the learning with the innovation ecosystem in a manner that they can be leveraged by anyone who wishes to 'apply innovation' to the challenges of growth and scale, especially in an emerging economy scenario like India. Alchemize™ is our acceleration programme with a current portfolio of 6 social enterprises in engagement and Alchemix™ is the active community of innovation practitioners that we curate. These initiatives are designed to specifically work towards the objectives of knowledge creation and prototyping ideas that are working towards scale.

Join the Alchemix community and the popular series of Alchemix™ Sessions every few weeks. Watch highlights of our session in Bangalore, focused on Healthcare models that are breaking the mold. You can also read about the insights from the session hosted in Mumbai on the subject of 'Innovating for the Urban Poor.' The 6th Session of Alchemix™ was on 21st November 2012, hosted in Bangalore in collaboration with Mahindra Rise. If you missed the session you can watch Videos of Practitioners like Joe Madiath, Kannan Lakshminarayan and others share insights of how they have scaled technology adoption in rural India. Watch recent Alchemix Practitioner Videos .

Alchemix 6- Joe Madiath of Gram Vikas talks about creating technology linked, community based models to help the under-served from Innovation Alchemy on Vimeo.

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Behind the Scenes

Innovation Alchemy is featured in the 13th October 2013 edition of the BUSINESS TODAY Magazine. Read the Article "Nurturing the Nurturers" by Taslima Khan at this link.

The Alchemize™ methodology being implemented in collaboration with the Marico Innovation Foundation is featured in the Civil Society Magazine. Read the Article "Growing up quicker with Marico " by Michael Snyder at this link.

Parvathi Menon, CEO and Founder of Innovation Alchemy was a speaker at the Skoll Forum 2012 in Oxford at a panel session titled "Too Big to be Small". She joined Jordan Kaslow, Founder Vision Spring and Maura O'Neil from USAID at a discussion on the need for growth finance, prototyping and exit strategies for social enterprises who are looking to scale up.

Parvathi also spoke at a 2012 TEDx event at IIM Ranchi, sharing why she believes that Innovation is a critical ingredient to scale social impact - and why large scale social impact is imperative. Watch the 16 minute talk.